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Guar Meal is roasted under controlled conditions to make Roasted Guar Korma Meal. By roasting the guar meal, its nutritional value, digestibility, and palatability are improved, making it a more desirable feed element.

In the animal feed business, roasted guar korma meal is becoming more and more in demand as a useful and versatile feed ingredient. Because of its better digestibility, higher nutritional value, and cost-effectiveness, it brings value to cattle, poultry, and swine feed formulations. Guar Gum Roasted Korma is likely to become more crucial to animal nutrition as the market for products containing animal protein is growing day by day and as a leading guar gum manufacturer and exporter, Durga Enterprises ensures the production of high-quality Guar Gum Roasted Korma, offering to the changing requirements of the animal nutrition market.

Nutritional Specifications:

  • Protein: 40-50%
  • Carbohydrates: 30-40%
  • Fiber: 10-15%
  • Essential amino acids
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins

Applications of Roasted Guar Korma Meal:

  1. Cattle Feed: Roasted korma meal with guar gum is an excellent source of protein for cattle, especially dairy and beef feed. It supplies the necessary amino acids needed for milk production and muscle building.
  2. Poultry or Chicken Feed: To increase feed efficiency and supply vital amino acids, Roasted Guar Meal Korma is added to chicken feed. It aids in the production of eggs and muscle protein synthesis.
  3. Swine or Pig Feed: To improve growth performance and carcass quality, swine feed contains Roasted Guar Meal Korma. It supports the growth of muscle and the creation of lean meat.

Inclusion Rates:

The species, age, and stage of production of the animal all affect how much Guar Gum Roasted Meal Korma is added to animal feed. In general, animal feed can contain Guar Gum Roasted Meal Korma at the following levels:

  • Cattle Feed: 10%-20%
  • Feed for Poultry: 5-10%
  • Pork Feed: 5-15%

Pros of Roasted Guar Meal Korma for Animal Feed:

  1. Enhanced Palatability: By enhancing the flavor and aroma of guar meal, roasting it helps animals find it more palatable, which boosts their intake of feed and utilization of nutrients.
  2. Better Digestibility: Guar meal’s complex proteins and carbs are broken down during roasting, which makes it simpler for animals to assimilate and absorb vital nutrients.
  3. Enhanced Nutritional Value: The bioavailability of minerals and vitamins in guar meal is increased through roasting. In such a way, animals are given enough nutrition to support healthy growth and development.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: Roasted Guar Korma is a reasonably priced feed ingredient when compared to other sources of protein, which makes it a cost-effective option for the manufacturing of animal feed.

Looking Ahead:

Studies on roasted guar korma with meal are still investigating its possibilities in a number of ways.

  • Creating specialized korma recipes to meet the dietary and medical demands of different animals.
  • Using it in combination with other feed ingredients to maximize nutritional value and provide synergistic effects.
  • Investigating its possible use in aquaculture as a sustainable source of protein for shrimp and fish.

Guar Gum Roasted Meal Korma – The secret for maximizing every potential of your animal feed.

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