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We also deal in Fast Hydration Guar Gum that is specially modified to hydrate quickly and easily in water. It’s like regular guar gum, but it dissolves in water in just a few minutes, instead of hours. It is natural and water-soluble. Alternate names for it is quick hydration guar gum, rapid hydration guar gum, high hydration guar gum.It is a versatile ingredient and can be used in a wide variety of industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, etc. 

fast hydration guar gum

Fast Hydration Guar Gum's Advantages:

  • Faster Dispersion: Forget about waiting for the guar gum to completely dissolve. Guar gum that dissolves rapidly and thoroughly thanks to fast hydration reduces processing time and increases efficiency. 
  • Decreased Use of Energy: There’s no need for continuous stirring or heating anymore. Guar gum that hydrates quickly uses less energy, which reduces costs and improves sustainability.
  • Better Consistency: Quick and thorough hydration guarantees uniform consistency and texture in the finished product, removing the possibility of lumps or unequal spreading.
  • Versatility: Fast hydration guar gum works well in a variety of temperatures and conditions, so it may be used in many situations.
  • Decreased Dusting: By hydrating quickly and smoothly, less dust is produced, making the work environment safer and more comfortable.


Fracturing & Hydraulic FracturingThickens fluids to carry sand and open fractures in rock formations.
Drilling MudsProvides viscosity and lubricity, controlling well pressure.
CementingThickens cement slurry to prevent premature setting and ensure proper placement around the wellbore casing.
Completion FluidsProvides viscosity and fluid loss control during well completion operations.
Hydraulic ApplicationsThickens hydraulic fluids used in machinery and equipment and enhances performance.
PetrochemicalUsed in various petrochemical processes as a thickener, emulsifier, and binder.
HS-Code130 232 30
CAS No.9000-30-0
EEC NoE 412
BATCH No1302 3290
EINECS No232-536-8
Imco CodeHarmless
EINECS NO232-536-8
Parameters (Viscosity)MAHACOL -FH3038MAHACOL -FH3540MAHACOL -FH3743MAHACOL -FH4045MAHACOL -7000FFMAHACOL -4045FF
3 Minutes30 cps35 cps37 cps40 cps37 cps40 cps
5 Minutes33 cps37 cps39 cps42 cps40 cps42 cps
1 Hour38 cps40 cps43 cps45 cps42 cps45 cps
Angle of Repose38° Max.38° Max.
ColorOff White
Mesh95% Pass through 200 Mesh
Moisture7% Max
pH5.00 – 7.5

Beyond these uses, fast-hydrating guar gum has potential in a number of modern industries, including:

  • Bioplastics: Create biodegradable materials that are quickly manufactured.
  • Production of biofuel: Boost extraction efficiency by processing material faster and more effectively.
  • Water treatment: Boost the elimination of impurities and improve water clarity.
  • Building: During construction, it is used to create new materials with improved qualities and quicker setting times.

What makes Fast Hydration Guar Gum unique?


It saves you time by thickening your food and beverages in a matter of minutes.


You don’t need to be concerned about it degrading because it can withstand a broad range of temperatures and pH levels.


Even in small doses, it has the ability to make your dressings, gravies, and sauces quite thick.


The results are a more consistent and stable texture in food products, drilling fluids, and other applications.


It dissolves rapidly in cold water, making it easy for beverages and other cold food products.


You can use it with no worries since it is made of guar gum, a plant-based component.

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