Ground Nuts Kernels Java Type

Product Info

Groundnuts, grown in India falls under two main commercially important types or varieties: Jav Type and Bold Type.
The nuts are smaller than those of the bold types and the pods have somewhat ill-defined construction in the middle. The shell is thicker than in the case of the peanuts types but thinner than that of the bold types. The kernels are big in size, oval in shape and are covered with light, red-coloured skin, darkening with age.

Product Specifications

Grade 50/60, 55/65, 60/70, 70/80, 80/90, 90/100, 100/120, 140/160 Counts / Ounce.
Origin [Saurashtra] India
Moisture 7% to 8% Max.
Admixture/ Foreign Matter 0.1% Max.
Imperfect Grains 1% max.
Moulds and Live Insects Nil
Imperfect Grains 5% Max.
Aflatoxin As per Specific Requirement
Broken & Split 0.1% max
Damaged 0.5% max
Msjor Growing Region Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andrapradesh, Karnatakam Tamilnadu
Packing In Strong New jute Bags & Vaccum Pack Net / Gross Each