Guar Gum Quality

Maintaining quality is our top priority.

At Durga Enterprises, we start with strict Guar Gum Quality control procedures since we are dedicated to providing items of the highest calibre. Modern Quality Control (QC) procedures are built on our Industrial Grade Guar Gum, Food Grade Guar Gum and Fast Hydration Guar to ensure that every product satisfies all the industry requirements before it leaves. We operate two distinct plants for the manufacturing of refined Guar Splits and Guar Gum Powder, ensuring the finest delivery of guar gum quality, in this way we produce high-viscosity and high-purity Guar Gum Powder.

Here are some of the major factors that distinguishes us from others

    • Our plants are fully automated, and we process Guar Gum Powder under strict hygienic conditions.
    • During the process, refined guar splits first go through a sieve, and then they pass through high-powered magnets to remove impurities.
    • We take extra precautions at every stage of processing, starting from the purchase of guar seeds to the packaging of finished goods, ensuring that the Guar Gum Powder we produce is free from foreign elements and impurities.
    • We have our own split manufacturing plant, where we purchase top-quality seeds, resulting in the best-quality splits.
    • We use purified underground water, which is boiled before use.
    • The water undergoes UV sterilization before mixing with splits to eliminate microorganisms. The splits are passed through sieves and high-powered magnets multiple times to remove all ferrous impurities.
    • We blend 5.0 metric tons of powder to create one homogeneous batch. The blended material passes through a safety sieve to ensure that no foreign material mixes with the packed material.

Additional Characteristics

  • We provide a “Certificate of Analysis” for every lot that is shipped to our customers, along with a microbiological certificate. We operate our fully-equipped laboratory, equipped with the latest equipment, for conducting a variety of tests.
  • Our products are GMO-free. We prioritize guar gum quality by not adding any preservatives to them, ensuring their natural quality.
Guar Gum Quality

Raw Material Inspection

We held regular inspections and climate monitoring to guarantee that the Guar Gum retains its original specifications and satisfies the highest standards for quality set by the industry. Our expert quality control staff carefully inspects incoming raw materials before the manufacturing process even starts. This initial inspection ensures that only the finest ingredients are used in the production of our products.

In-Process Monitoring

We keep a close watch on each step of the production process. To ensure that every operation complies with our exacting quality requirements, our staff performs routine inspections. To maintain consistency and credibility of the product, any deviations are quickly corrected.

Climate-Controlled Storage

We don’t just stop at production when it comes to quality. In order to maintain ideal conditions, our storage facilities are set up with climate monitoring tools. By doing this, we can guarantee that our items will remain stable and that they will arrive at your location in the same perfect state that they left our production line.



Durga Enterprises is known for its food product’s safety and premium guar gum quality because we ensure that our production of guar gum is free of dangerous substances like dioxin and bacteria(bad microorganisms). Guar Meal is also safe and doesn’t have something called Aflatoxin. The best part is that you can readily purchase and export guar gum powder without requiring any particular license, both within India and to foreign nations. This easy sales option of this product means it meets all the rules, making it a simple choice for both customers and businesses. And guess what? The Food & Drug Administration in many countries thinks it’s safe too! Because it contains no contaminants or preservatives, it is considered safe for consumption. Guar gum powder is a safe option, regardless of whether you’re selling it internationally or utilizing it at home.

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