Packaging: Boxed, Bagged and More...

Our guar gum powder is packaged in sealed, moisture-resistant, and light-blocking containers to maintain its freshness and effectiveness. This ensures that our Guar Gum Packaging maintains the product’s longevity and integrity, delivering excellence to your doorstep. Our Guar Gum is basically available with the brand name “MAHACOL” in a 25 Kg poly liner protected by 4-ply multi-wall paper bags.

We also understand that various applications may require different packaging. And that’s the reason we offer customizable packaging options to meet your specific needs, whether it’s bulk packaging for large-scale operations or smaller quantities for specialized applications. On specific requests, we can also arrange to supply Poly-lined HDPE Bags and jumbo bags of 650Kgs~1000Kgs.

By using environmentally friendly materials and creating recyclable or biodegradable packaging, we aim to have as little of an impact as possible on the environment and make guar gum uses more valuable for everyone. Choose Durga Enterprises, one of the renowned Guar Gum Suppliers in India.

Storage: Fresh and Protected Products

Durga Enterprises

Guar gum is easily subjected to changes in its environment. Our guar gum powder begins with meticulous guar gum packaging and storage spaces are designed to keep the product stable and free from grouping or degradation by maintaining the perfect temperature and humidity levels. We use Modern inventory management techniques that help us process orders more quickly and store Guar Gum for shorter periods of time. This ensures that the products will be delivered quickly, with minimal waiting time.

Some key points that should be considered while purchasing and keeping Guar Gum packaging safe:

  1. Guar Gum Powder should be stored in a cool & dry place and it should be kept away from heat and sunlight.
  2. It is advised to consume the Guar Gum Powder within a reasonable time period once the bag is opened.
  3. If the bags of Guar Gum Powder are stored in the open state for a long period, excessive humidity may lead to absorption of moisture which results in microbiological degradation due to the hygroscopic nature of Guar Gum Powder.
  4. The properties of Guar Gum Powder remain unchanged for 12-18 months. The shelf life of Guar Gum Powder may be extended by adding suitable preservatives.

Guar gum packaging is crucial to maintaining its properties and protecting it from external factors. That’s why we make sure that the guar gum powder we deliver is of fresh and authentic quality. Refer to Durga Enterprises for 100% real and organic quality for guar gum.

Guar Gum Powder: The Secret Ingredient for Perfect Texture!

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