Industrial Grade Guar Gum

Providing the Finest Industrial Grade Guar Gum Powder for Global Markets

We make sure that we stay updated on Guar Gum market trends, along with these wide-ranged industries that impact our day-to-day lives. Understanding Guar Gum benefits is crucial for us to continually provide high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of various sectors. Our Industrial Guar Gum is made with careful attention to offer outstanding qualities for a wide range of industrial uses, guaranteeing effectiveness and reliability. We have delivered industrial guar gum powder overseas that has helped various industries such as the paper industry, mining industry, oil and gas drilling, textile industry, and many more. Along with these wide-ranged industries that are affected in our day-to-day lives, it also plays a vital role in a variety of Guar Gum Applications. We provide solutions that are specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of your industrial processes and promise to deliver top-notch quality of Industrial Guar Gum Powder that can meet several standards for your industry. Make us your go-to source for guar gum powder customized to meet the unique needs of various industries today!

Industrial Grade Guar Gum
HS-Code130 232 30
CAS No.9000-30-0
EEC NoE 412
BATCH No1302 3290
EINECS No232-536-8
Imco CodeHarmless
EINECS NO232-536-8
Granulation95% thru 100 Mesh95% thru 200 Mesh97% thru 200 Mesh95% thru 300 Mesh
2 Hour – Viscosity2500-3500 cps3500-5500 cps6000-8000 cps2500-4500 cps
24 Hour – Viscosity90% Min of 2 Hours Viscosity or more90% Min of 2 Hours Viscosity or more90% Min of 2 Hours Viscosity or more90% Min of 2 Hours Viscosity or more
ColorOff White
Moisture12% Max
pH5.00 – 7.5

Extra Advantages:

  • Decreased use of water in several industrial operations.
  • Better waste management as a result of lesser spills and dust particles.
  • Economical substitute for stabilizers and natural thickening agents made of synthetic materials.
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic substance.

Looking Forward:

The potential of industrial guar gum in a number of applications is still being investigated by research and development, including:

    • Creation of improved and modified guar gum derivatives for certain industrial applications.
    • Investigating its usage in the manufacturing of biodegradable plastics and biodiesel.
    • Utilizing the thickening and binding qualities of guar gum to enhance wastewater treatment procedures.
    • Looking at possible uses for it in technology for renewable energy.

Industrial Grade Guar Gum's Magic:

Oil Drilling Champion

The base of drilling fluids in the oil drilling sector is the thickening ability of guar gum. In addition to serving as lubricants, these fluids also cool the drill bit, move cuttings to the surface, and stop fluid loss during the formation. The capacity of guar gum to stabilize and thicken these fluids at high temperatures and pressures is essential for effective and successful drilling operations.

Papermaking Powerhouse

It improves the strength, smoothness, and printability of paper and is an important component of paper manufacture. It improves the opacity and brightness of paper by holding more colors and fillers. It also lessens wear and tear on the machinery used in the papermaking process, increasing production efficiency.

Textile Industry Magician

Industrial Grade Guar gum strengthens yarns and fabrics in the textile industry by acting as a sizing agent. This increases the durability and aesthetic appeal of the final product while also improving the knitting and weaving processes and decreasing yarn breakage. In printing pastes, it works as a thickening agent, guaranteeing accurate and vibrant dye application.

Pharmaceutical Collaborator

It is useful in the pharmaceutical sector because of its binding and dissolving qualities. It serves as a binder in capsules and tablets, guaranteeing uniform release characteristics and dosage. It also helps in the breakdown of certain dose forms in the stomach, which facilitates quicker absorption of the medication.

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