Quality control is of paramount concern at Durga Enterprises. We manufacture high viscosity and high purity Guar Gum Powder by using latest technologies. We have two separate plants for manufacturing refined guar splits and Guar Gum Powder powder. We observe the following quality control measures for manufacturing the powders :

  • Our plants are totally automatic and we process the Guar Gum Powder under strict hygienic conditions. During the process, The refined guar splits are first passed through a siever and then it passes through the high power magnets just to remove the impurities.
  • We take extra precautions at all stages of processing starting from purchase of guar seeds till the packaging of finished goods so as to ensure that the Guar Gum Powder produced by us is free from foreign elements and impurities.
  • We have our own plant of split manufacturing. We purchase top quality of seeds which in turn yield the best quality of splits.
  • We use underground pure water and boil it before use.
  • The water is passed through U/V water sterilizer before mixing with splits which destroys micro organism. The splits are passed through sievers and then high power magnets several times to remove all ferrous impurities.
  • We Blend 5.0 M.tons of powder to make one homogeneous lot. The blended material passes through safety siever for ensuring that no foreign material gets mixed with the packed material.

We provide “Certificate of Analysis” for every lot shipped to customers along with a micro biological certificate.
We have our own full fledged equipped with latest equipments laboratory for carrying out various tests.
Our products are GMO free. We do not add any preservatives to our products and they are quite natural.


In India,Guar Gum Powder is free from dioxin, Pathological Micro Orgains and Guar Meal is free from Afflatoxin, Guar Gum Powder is freely saleable and no specific license is required for domestic and international sale. Guar Gum Powder is classified as safe by the Food & Drug administration of various countries in the world. It is free from any preservatives and pathological micro organisms.