“Mahacol” GUar Gum available in 25 Kgs polyliner protected by 4 ply multi wall paper bags. However on the specific request of the buyers we can also to arrange other packaging . The lot numbers, batch number, month of manufacturing etc are marked in each and ever bag. On specific requests we can also arrange to supply Poly Lined HDPE Bags , Jumbo bags of 650Kgs~1000Kgs.



Guar Gum Powder should be stored in a cool & dry place and it should be kept away from heat and sunlight. It is advised to consume the Guar Gum Powder within a reasonable time period once the bag is opened. If the bags of Guar Gum Powder are stored in open state for a long period, Excessive humidity may lead to absorption of moisture which results in microbiological degradation due to the hygroscopic nature of Guar Gum Powder. It has a long storage. Shelf life in its dry form provided that it is warehoused properly.

The properties of Guar Gum Powder remain unchanged for 12-18 months. The shelf life of Guar Gum Powder may be extended by adding suitable preservatives.